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We have been channeling our inner child for over 20 years. In that time have we produced music for many iconic and award winning shows.

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We simply love film...

Working closely with directors allows us to create scores to propel storylines and support moods while still serving the director's vision.


Sonic Branding

By collaborating and consolidating music and sound design, we have helped many clients achieve and maintain their distinct brand.

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About Us

Urban Dictionary defines 'pop' as "the derivative of crackle, which is the derivative of snap, which is the derivative of jerk, which is the derivative of acceleration, which is the derivative of velocity, which is the derivative of distance...." Which we feel is the derivative of awesome.
It's through this idea that Pop Sound has been able to contribute to so many award winning projects. As a close-knit team, we're able to collaborate and refine our music, sound design, and mixes to allow each important element and moment to shine.
Pop Sound Inc. (formerly Eggplant LF Inc.) is an internationally acclaimed music composition and production company located in Toronto, Canada with a portfolio that includes music and sound for Film, TV, News and Factual productions from around the globe.  With world class composers, music and SFX editors, and recording/mixing engineers, Pop Sound offers a 360 degree music experience from brief to final delivery.  With over 20 years of experience we have provided award winning music and sound to all mediums...
except psychic - too spooky!
From large sweeping orchestral arrangements down to the faintest most seemingly inaudible footstep, our team understands that care and thoughtfulness is important at every stage of production. This is also known as being tasteful!
Audio quality, format, deadlines, and deliverables are all second nature to us. With these technical specs resoundingly taken care of Pop Sound is able to focus on the ever so crucial sonic direction of the project; in the nuance of the voices, the textures of the sounds, the arrangement of the score, and the flavour of chip when we settle in to enjoy the final product.
Let us help make your project POP!

Annie Awards


Outstanding Achievement for Music in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production





Domestic TV Music Award - Animated Programming

Super Why!



Foundation Award

Best Original Theme

True and the

Rainbow Kingdom


Academy Awards


Animated Short Film

My Hometown

(Yoko Ono)


Emmy Winner

Outstanding Original Song - Children's and Animation

Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman


Emmy Nominee

Outstanding Original Song - Children's and Animation

Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman


Annie Awards


Music in an Animated Television Production

Peep and the Big Wide World



Our Team

Steve Temp.jpg

Steve D'Angelo

Partner, Composer

Voted most likely to kiss The Queen on the lips

Lorenzo Temp.jpg

Lorenzo Castelli


Also runs a lucrative steam cooling business

Terry Temp.jpg

Terry Tompkins

Partner, Producer

Enjoys water-colour paintings of local pot holes


Joe Coupal

Producer, Engineer

Loves cake


Chris Evans

Editor, Engineer

100% Completed Singstar 14 times


Abby Saymeh


Exclusively uses an abacus


Julia Vasiliev
Associate Producer

A devoted popcorn enthusiast


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