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Pop Sound Inc. (formerly Eggplant LF Inc.) is an internationally acclaimed music composition and production company located in Toronto, Canada with a portfolio that includes music and sound for Film, TV, News and Factual productions from around the globe. With world-class composers, music and SFX editors, and recording/mixing engineers, Pop Sound offers a 360-degree music experience from brief to final delivery. With over 20 years of experience, we have provided award-winning music and sound to all mediums.

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Pop Sound has been able to contribute to so many award-winning projects. As a close-knit team, we’re able to collaborate and refine our music, sound design, and mixes to allow each important element and moment to shine.

From large sweeping orchestral arrangements down to the faintest most seemingly inaudible footstep, our team understands that care and thoughtfulness are important at every stage of production. This is also known as being tasteful!

decades of

professional quality

Audio quality, format, deadlines, and deliverables are all second nature to us. With these technical specs resoundingly taken care of Pop Sound is able to focus on the ever-so-crucial sonic direction of the project; in the nuance of the voices, the textures of the sounds, the arrangement of the score, and the flavour of chip when we settle in to enjoy the final product.

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